Recent and Ongoing Research at CCFS

The Early Childhood Laboratory at the CCFS is a lab school, and one of the primary functions of a lab school is to provide opportunities for research. Research projects we are currently facilitating include:

Shaping Patience in Preschoolers is a study to develop a computerized game playing “app” to help children develop greater capacity for impulse control (ages 3-6). Lead researcher is Dr. Julie Schweitzer, UC Davis MIND Institute. Their research sessions will be conducted onsite during preschool program times.

Early learning and school readiness skills are examined in this longitudinal study of parents and preschool-age children. Human Ecology faculty member Dr. Daniel Choe and doctoral student Amanda Lawrence are recruiting families for two phases of this research based on children’s age. They are also training undergraduate research assistants in CCFS preschool classrooms. Their research sessions with families are conducted by appointment in TB 124, on the CCFS site. If interested in participating in this research, please contact their project coordinator Christine Kelly at

Activity monitoring of developing gait characteristics is in the pilot and approval phase. Erik Henricson, faculty member in the UC Davis Medical Center’s Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, is working with us to pilot his tracking device protocols during daily toddler outdoor activities. Once approved for full scale testing, he will begin formal data collection. He ultimately will be using the same activity trackers with children with muscular dystrophy to compare how their gait characteristics develop.