Curriculum Approach

The lab school’s children's program is based on a philosophy of active, playful learning in an enriched environment. We strive to respect every child's own developmental needs and interests. To achieve this goal, our curriculum incorporates ideas from a variety of models, including the Reggio Emilia schools of Italy, the High Scope Active Learning Curriculum, principles of the Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC) and others to create our own eclectic curriculum, tailored to each age group.

toddlers and caregiverpreschoolers making car tracks

Our focus is on children's social and emotional development in a setting that emphasizes nurturing relationships within a culturally diverse school community. Through a thoughtfully designed curriculum and skillful teaching, children are given many opportunities to develop early language and literacy skills, build on math concepts, explore science and nature and learn social and emotional skills that will contribute to their success in later schooling. See Philosophy and Goals

Preschool scientist

PreK girl construction play

The expansive outdoor play areas that are part of our site are an integral part of the learning environment for all age groups. Children and teachers spend time outdoors every day, in almost every kind of weather. Teachers design interest areas and plan activities that enable children at all stages of development to explore nature and develop their physical and social skills through child-led projects and active, cooperative play.

Outdoor play with pump


The ECL’s professional teaching staff send documentation, in photos and descriptions, to families about each class’s activities to illustrate the ways their children are learning. See Curriculum in Action