At Home with Young Children

Resources for Parents and Young Children at Home

When preschools and other community programs for young children are not an option or when you simply need fresh ideas for playful learning times at home, thoughtful recommendations from child development professionals can help.

At the links here, you will find a variety of options, all with toddlers and preschoolers in mind. Each link includes original content created by Master Teachers at the UC Davis Center for Child and Family Studies (CCFS) Early Childhood Lab School as well as carefully vetted, developmentally appropriate material from other sources.

The brief introductory notes that accompany each item address three questions parents typically ask about online content for their child:

1) What is it?  2) How does it work?  and 3) Why might it be a good fit for my child?  You know your child best and we hope these quick tips will help you make choices your child will both benefit from and enjoy.