Many toddler and preschool programs start the day with a "circle time." This time is spent doing a variety of activities together as a group and is often when new concepts and activities are introduced. Circle times often include songs, oral storytelling, call and response games and other music and movement opportunities. Children employ and expand their emerging self-regulation skills when they focus attention, listen and respond, sing, clap or count in unison and follow cues to move or “freeze” when the music stops.

Watching these circle time and storytelling videos can remind children of their preschool routines and can bring some comfort to children who miss being at school. They can also present an engaging sample of what school might be like to children who have not yet been in a group learning setting.

For Children:

"Señor Conejo" circle time (video)

Qué es? Este es un video de un pequeño círculo musical guiado por la Maestra Lourdes, para pequeños de 2 años y medio a 4 años de edad. En este presenta una canción acerca de los vegetales.Senor Conejo

Cómo funciona? Su niño puede ver este video y participar en el respondiendo y adivinando qué vegetal se come el Señor Conejo. Usted puede participar con ellos mostrándoles cómo adivinar o hablando del vegetal que está comiendo el conejo. Puede también mostrarle cómo seguir el ritmo de la canción. Al final puede conversar acerca de las comidas saludables y pueden juntos ir a probar algunos vegetales.

Qué aprendería mi niño/niña?Este video contribuye al desarrollo del lenguaje y conocimiento de verduras. Expone al niño/a a lo que es buena salud a través de lo que uno come. Finalmente introduce al niño al ritmo musical, lo cual lo ayudará más adelante, cuando aprenda a separar las palabras en sílabas.

"Hey Mr. Rabbit" circle time (video)

What is it? A small circle time guided by Teacher Lourdes. It contains two songs  about springtime.

How does it work? Children can view and listen to the songs. You can listen with them and show them how to participate by responding to Teacher Lourdes - singing along, or doing the hand gestures.

Why might it be a good choice for your child? This video helps children develop language about vegetables, and gardening. It helps then learn about healthy foods and about rhythm. Learning about rhythm prepares children to learn about word syllables.

"Welcome Spring" circle time (video)


What is it?  In this video Teacher Jill leads children in a Good Day song, a short yoga flow, and teaches an ASL sign.

How does it work?  This video can be played for your child to enjoy on their own or family can join in the circle time with them.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? This video will get their bodies moving and teach them a new ASL (American Sign Language) sign.

"Clouds" circle time (video)

Reading "Clouds"

What is it? This is a video of a circle time with Teacher Lourdes. In it she talks about clouds and presents an activity to do with preschoolers.

How does it work? Let your child watch the video and follow the suggestions for what to do afterward with them.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? This video helps children learn about the different types of clouds. It helps children work on observation skills and creative thinking skills. These are skills children will need for success in the future.

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  Moving Our Bodies: Do the Freeze Dance (video)

What is it? This is a video of children dancing to drumming. When it stops, everyone freezes. Freeze Dance

How does it work? Play the video for your child or encourage someone to play a beat on a surface - when they stop, everyone freezes.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? Children learn to follow directions, dance to a beat, and use good exercise habits that will last.



Skills To Do In A Square (video)


What is it? This is a five minute video from Junebug’s Gym that leads children through a variety of movements that can all be done with a simple square. 

How does it work? Help your child tape a square on the ground and help them follow along to June’s cues. Encourage them to try it on their own or to make up new skills of their own. Children can challenge each other to try their own new skills.

Why might this be a good choice for your child? This activity helps children be active indoors. Children who have high energy will enjoy being challenged to move their bodies in different ways and learn new gymnastics skills.


Cosmic Kids Yoga: Squish the Fish (video)

What is it? We join Jaime for a Cosmic Kids yoga adventure to meet her buddy Squish the Fish while we also learn about having our own adventures.

How does it work? Grab a yoga mat or blanket and follow Jamie as she goes through yoga moves that get us down to the bottom of the ocean. 

Why might it be a good choice for your child? This video takes kids on a solo adventure, which can be kind of scary. It encourages kids to try and be brave and try new things. 

Chalk Walk (video)

What is it? This is a four minute video for kids about making a sidewalk chalk course to challenge their bodies. Children can try drawing their own or have an older sibling or adult help them.

How does it work? All you’ll need is chalk and an imagination! You can use a patio, sidewalk, or driveway to make yourself a course to do again and again! 

Why might this be a good choice for your child? Children will practice holding the chalk, drawing shapes, and get lots of exercise running and jumping. This could keep them occupied for quite a while and keep coming back. Make sure to have some water on hand for when they get thirsty.

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Teacher Angelena’s Youtube Channel

What is it? This channel is intended to provide videos for preschoolers. There are different playlists based on common themes, such as storytime or movement - the playlists are approximately 30 minutes in length. The videos in the playlists are all reviewed by Angelena for appropriateness. 

How does it work? Click on the link and select a playlist for your child to view. We recommend turning the playlist off at the end to avoid youtubes’ ‘auto-play’ feature. Videos played in the ‘auto-play’ feature are not screened by CCFS. 

Why might this be a good choice for your child? Digital media in small quantities can be a fun and enriching experience for your child. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than an hour of screen time per day and these playlists are only approximately 30 minutes in length. Plus, we screened them so you don’t have to!

Burbujas (Video de Círculo en Espanol)

Que es? Este es un video de un circulo musical con la Maestra Lourdes acerca de las burbujas. 

Cómo Funciona? Los niños(as) pueden entretenerse con el video, participar con la canción y aprender acerca de las burbujas.

Porque Es Beneficioso? Los niños(as) aprenden a través del juego y las canciones. En este círculo aprenderán qué son las burbujas y como hacer burbujas con objetos caseros. Esto ayuda a que practiquen ser creativos, y a que crezca su conocimiento científico.



Create an Obstacle CourseObstacle course

What is it? Here are instructions for creating obstacle courses in your yard or house. 

How does it work? Using your imagination and things around your home, children can create the adventure of a lifetime, or just an afternoon!

Why might this be a good choice for you and your child? Children with active bodies and active imaginations will love creating their own big adventure from the comfort of their homes. 


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