flower garden preschool

Snapshots of Learning

Welcome to Our Space!

Welcome to the Early Childhood Lab School—Center for Child and Family Studies. We are a research based program located on the UC Davis campus in Northern California. Our program is currently operating as a primarily outdoor program in efforts to keep children, families, and staff as healthy as possible. We typically begin and end our day outdoors; rain or shine! Like we always say, there is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! We are so grateful for such a beautiful space to teach and nurture our children.


Maximizing Remote Learning for Young Children Series

  1. Background
  2. Rhythm and Reason
  3. Songs and Games
  4. Effective Small Groups
  5. Supporting Young Learners on Zoom

Social-Emotional Development:  Let It Grow

Lessons in Social Emotional development in the garden (ages 4-5).

Gross Motor:  Taking Care of Business

 Gardening with preschool children

Save this Bee!

Preschool children practice empathy through rescuing a pollinator

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:  Ramp Up the Learning

              Children build ramps.